ESR Posters

Disseminating the results of such research and explaining its impact in developing the next generation of nanotechnology fabrication processes is an important aim of the ELENA project.

The ESRs act as ambassadors for the ELENA programme and and disseminate its scientific aims and objectives as well as the results achieved to a range of stakeholders including wider academia, industry forums, government agencies and, crucially, the general public.

Here below are posters that the ESRs have presented in various conferences during the ELENA project.

1st ELENA Conference in Warsaw, Poland - September 30, 2018

ESR5 - Ching-Chung Huang from Vienna University of Technology
Title: Synthesis and Characterizations of Zirconium Oxo Cluster for EUVL Photoresist Applications
Authors: Ching-Chung Huang, Christian Gorche, Andreas Rohatschek, Juergen Stampfl, and Robert Liska
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ESR6 - Elif Bilgilisoy from Freidrich-Alexander-Universität Erlengen-Nürnberg
Title: Investigation and Utilization of Oxide Surfaces in FEBID Techniques for Nanofabrication
Authors: Elif Bilgilisoy, Christian Prieschl, Florian Vollnhals and Hubertus Marbach
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