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Early Stage Researchers (ESRs)


Ali Kamali

ESR #1

University of Iceland - Iceland

Project title:

Low energy electron induced dissociation of potential gold containing FEBID precursor molecules.

Supervisor: Professor Oddur Ingólfsson


Email: alk31<at>

Reza Tafrishi

ESR #2

University of Iceland - Iceland

Project title:

Low energy electron induced dissociation of model compound for EUVL resists.

Supervisor: Professor Oddur Ingólfsson


Email: ret1<at>

René Alejandro Cartaya López

ESR #3

University of Bremen - Germany

Project title:

Fundamentals of a novel chemically assisted FEBID and EUVL lithography.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Petra Swiderek


Email: rene.cartaya<at>

Ching-Chung Huang

ESR #5

Technische Universitat Wien - Austria

Project title:

Inorganic- organic hybrid resists containing well-defined transition metal-oxo clusters.

Supervisor: Prof. Robert Liska & Dr. Christian Gorsche


Email: ching-chung.huang<at>

Elif Bilgilisoy

ESR #6

The Friedrich-Alexander-Universität (FAU) Erlangen-Nürnberg - Germany

Project title:

Exploring fundamental physical and chemical aspects of focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID) under well-defined conditions.

Supervisor: PD. Dr. Hubertus Marbach

Website: https://www.chemie.nat.

Email: elif.bilgilisoy<at>

Jakub Jurczyk

ESR #10

EMPA - Switzerland

Project title:

Metal nanowires by FEBID with novel precursors.

Supervisor: Dr. Ivo Utke


Email: jakub.jurczyk<at>

Najmeh Sadegh

ESR #11

University of Amsterdam - Netherlands

Project title:

Chemical reactions induced by EUV photons.

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Albert Manfred (Fred) Brouwer


Email: n.sadegh<at>

Ashish Rathore

ESR #12

KU Leuven - Belgium

Project title:

New Material Chemistry Exploration for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography.

Supervisor:Prof. Stefan De Gendt & Prof. Danilo De Simone


Email: ashish.rathore<at>

Dominik Markó

ESR #13

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne - Switzerland

Project title:

Selection of novel FEBID precursors with structural and compositional analysis of nanostructure.

Supervisor:Prof. Patrik Hoffmann, Dr. Ivo Utke & Dr. Jaroslav Jiruse


Email: dominik.marko<at>

Abid Ali

ESR #14

University of Iceland – Iceland

Project title:

Modelling of the FEBID process and FEBIP based fabrication of nano devices.

Supervisor: Prof. Hannes Jonsson


Email:  aba36<a>