• SB: Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board (SB) builds the central governing instrument of ELENA and will be the main decisionmaking structure with responsibility for all ELENA´s research, training, administrative and financial arrangements. Membership of the SB will be mandatory for all beneficiaries and partners, and two elected ESRs and the ETN-PM will also sit on the SB. Decisions shall be made in a democratic way with unanimous approval sought but, in case of conflict and the need to vote, each beneficiary will have one vote, partners, ESR representatives and the ETNPM will not have a vote. In case of a tie, the Coordinator has the casting vote.


  • TB: Training Board

The Training Board oversees the complementary skills training of the network and is responsible for the organisation of ELENA training events. It will supervise the certification (ECTS) of ESRs and work closely with training units in ESR´s host institutions, so as to ensure necessary training deliverables match those required for award of PhD in that institution.


  • DOB: Dissemination and Outreach Board

The Dissemniation and Outreach Board will design and implement ELENA’s dissemination strategy and coordinate its internal and external communications with a wide range of cross-disciplinary stakeholders.  The DOB will be responsible for establishing a procedure for agreeing the dissemination of outputs from ELENA (including scientific papers, patents, and any other products used for dissemination and outreach activities).


  • RB: Research Board

The Research Board will manage all training by research in WPs 4-6. It will supervise the organisation of ELENAs annual conferences and the compilation of their associated reports. It will be responsible for the organisation of the secondments of the ESRs. The RB will also be responsible for establishing the necessary procedures for application of the IP rules as specified in the Consortium Agreement.