In our currently rapidly moving world employability in the research and development sector of the high-tech industry is defined by a broad knowledge base and the capability to synthesise from this base technologically exploitable advantage. This applies no less to the academic sector than the commercial/industrial sector and is advantageous in general. In this sense ESR employment within FP 6 and 7 ITN’s has been shown to greatly enhanced the employment opportunities of the participating ESRs both in academia and in the non-academic world, including industry.

Within ELENA, all ESRs will experience working in institutions and countries different to these they study in and graduate from, and will experience secondments and close contact with industrial/commercial partners. ELENA's training also comprises three, network wide technical training school (nw-TTS) covering all aspects of ELENA's research and two non- technical network-wide personal skills training schools (nw-PSTSs) training communication and entrepreneur skills.

At the same time it these training schools serve as a team- building instrument with off-curriculum activities organized by the ESRs.

ELENA thus provides training in many ‘transferable skills’ promoting the technological readiness of the ESRs, e.g., technological development skills, entrepreneurship, teamwork experience, skills that are invaluable for the future career of the ESRs whether this is in the academic, commercial, industrial, governmental or service sector.