1st ELENA Management meeting

The first management meeting was held in Erlangen, Germany on January 27th 2017, hosted by Beneficiary UErl. The Coordinator, Prof. Oddur Ingólfsson and the local host Prof. Hubertus Marbach, welcomed the attendees. The coordinator gave a brief account of his experience at the MSCA Info Day held in Brussels in December 2016 and highlighted selected issues. Then the status of recruitment and the webpage as well as that of deliverables and milestones was discussed. The second meeting of the Supervisory Board (SB) followed directly after the management meeting. At the SB meeting the Training Board (TB), Research Board (RB) and Dissemination and Outreach Board (DOB) gave a briefing, the Equal Opportunities and EU Research Charter Champion offered comments and composition of the Advisory Committee (AC) was decided. Following that, the leaders of the scientific work packages: Christian Gorsche (TUV, WP4), Prof. Oddur Ingolfsson (UIce, WP5) and Prof. Hubertus Marbach (UErl, WP6) gave an overview of the objectives and deliverables of the respective WPs, followed by an open discussion. 


The complete meeting minutes are available on ELENA´s internal website.