Equal opportunity declaration

The ELENA project participants declare that they will ensure equal opportunities for all staff engaged in the project and all applicants for early stage researcher posts within the project.

ELENA project participants will adhere to the equal opportunity policies within their universities, institutes and companies, during recruitment and throughout the ELENA research project.

Equal opportunity for all

ELENA participants work in an international research environment which has responsibilities towards all members of society and all cultures. One of the core principles of the participating universities, institutes and companies is an emphasis on equality and diversity. ELENA's participants are committed to a responsible role in equal rights issues in recruiting, research and in training. The ELENA project´s participants place great importance on democratic working practices, equality, and prevention of discrimination in all areas of ELENA's operation. The participants consider diversity amongst its students and staff to be a strength and place emphasis on improving job satisfaction of students and staff. 

Equality in recruiting

All applicants will be treated in the same manner and evaluated on the basis of their qualifications and experience relevant to the respective ESR projects. There will be no discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity, culture, religion or political beliefs, or any other factor that are unrelated to the underlying capabilities and qualities considered in the evaluation of applicants for their suitability for individual ESR projects. All applicants will receive equivalent treatment, respect, opportunities and evaluation.

Equality in training and research

All early stage researchers will receive the same respect, treatment and opportunity throughout their training period and throughout their research projects, within their groups and employer independent of their gender, ethnicity, culture, religion or any other factor unrelated to the respective ESR projects.