Mid-term meeting

As ELENA project has hit its 24 months in the project a Mid-term meeting was organized with the Project Officer of the European Commission. 

The meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland from October 1 - October 2 2018. 

The meeting was straight after the 1st ELENA conference, where beneficiaries and partners attended. 

The Project Officer of ELENA attended the meeting along with an external assessor. 

On day 1, the meeting started with tour de table, where all beneficiaries and partners introduces their institute and projects. Then the coordinator, Prof. Oddur Ingólfsson had a presentation where he went over the status of the ELENA project. 

On day 2, all of the ESRs presented their project work and answered questions the Project Officer and external assessor had about their projects. 

The Project officer also had a closed meeting with the ESRs and with the consoritum.