Vísindavaka in Iceland

Vísindavaka was held on 28th of September in Reykjavik, Iceland where top Icelandic scienticst show and tell their research and innovation in a lively and interactive way for the general public.

Vísindavaka is part of Resaerchs' Night which is funded by Marie Sklodowska-Curie under the Horizon 2020 initiative of the European Union, The Icelandic Center for Research and The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture.

During the Vísindavaka scientists from Universities, institutes and businesses present their research for public. Guests can try gadgets and tools used for research, see products and talk to scientist about their research, work and innovation.

Family comes first at Vísindavaka which gives children and teenagers the great opportunity to get to know science.

Mr. Ali Kamali, Mr. Reza Tafhrishi and Mr. Abid Ali along with Professor Oddur Ingólfsson participated in the Vísindavaka and presented ELENA research with flyers and posters (see links below picture). Guests could come and discuss their research and learn about ELENA.

From left: Mr. Reza, Mr. Abid, Prof. Oddur (and his son), Mr. Ali

ELENA Leaflet

ELENA Poster